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Gemma Roe creates forever dream pieces you will love with a transparent and sustainable practice. People and the planet are always at the forefront of our founding values.

The story of each piece begins with our founder, Gemma Roe, her imagination, drawing in nature, and wax. She illustrates, and hand carves each little sculpture, using an ancient 6000 year old technique called lost waxed carving, rooting them in history, ethereal dreams, and heart. 

This intricate wax sculpture, is then packaged in our studio in London and carefully carried over to the hands our casters in Hatton Garden, in the UK’s historic jewellery district in London.

We are driven by people and community and their own tales, at every step of our process, from nature to Gemma to our team... and all the way to you. All working together to create a more harmonious world, in sync with nature.


Bombus bee cast in wax and alchemised in recycled bronze.


Your forever pieces are alchemised from wax to bronze, 100% recycled 925 sterling silver and 100% recycled gold through the enchanting and ancient technique of lost-wax casting. The intricate sculpture is delicately finished, gold-plated and polished in the workshop by our highly skilled casters, before rejoining our studio for our team to assemble. All excess metal waste is reused and re-circulated into the industry.

Gemma Roe has a conscious commitment to partnering with local UK manufactures, respectful and conscientious of preserving the magical craft for future generations to come, and sustaining a low carbon footprint.

We are passionate about protecting and supporting the skill and heritage in the historic jewellery manufacturing quarters in the UK, which supports us in our efforts to materially reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, this enables us to ensure the ethical treatment of our makers, shorten our supply chain, tighten our quality control, whilst simultaneously fix and reuse materials that would otherwise be scrapped.


Gemma hand carving in the studio.



Our sculptured tales are cast in precious metals of bronze, 100% recycled 925 sterling silver and 100% recycled gold. Using recycled metals helps us to minimise our environmental impact as they carry a lower carbon emissions footprint than mined metals.

Our recycled gold and silver are supplied from Cooksongold who are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the world’s leading standards setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry and part of the Heimerle + Meule GmbH group. A German company specialising in precious metals and approved by LMBA, the global authority on precious metals, and adhere to their ethical code of conduct.

We source our chains and jewellery findings from trusted and responsible suppliers in the heart of Hatton Garden, who we know well. We are committed to striving for the utmost transparency from all our suppliers wherever we can, however we are satisfied with our current supply chain ethics.



Our handmade bespoke packaging is designed to last a lifetime, just like our jewellery and provide a sanctuary for you to store your Gemma Roe talismans at home and away. We're advocates for traceability, and our packaging is made from sustainably-sourced recycled papers here in the UK, and is fully recyclable and reusable. We do however hope you keep your jewellery safe in our box and pouch when not being worn. Our packaging is produced in an audited factory in the UK, ensuring working conditions are fair and kind for all their staff. We reuse any damaged or returned boxes, in other aspects of our business.




Gemma Roe’s Naturers is a global nonprofit community committed to illuminating, and protecting the natural world through storytelling, creativity and conservation.

Our initiative is about making positive change happen – for our communities, for wildlife and for the planet. This is a platform shaped by an ever-growing network of young, engaged people branching out across the world, who share similar values, hopes and dreams about the natural world. We aim to give a voice to nature and those who protect it, with diverse perspectives through the platform. A collective of creatives, storytellers, filmmakers, photographers, designers, writers, naturalists and scientists, combining shared interests in nature, biodiversity and conservation, for the present and the future we wish to experience. We are an open, diverse, and dynamic, community-driven network cultivating a fun, optimistic and supportive atmosphere where people come together to share stories, adventures, insights, inspiration and ideas, implement collaborative projects and join in special events and global campaigns. Our community is interconnected by their stories, courage and dreams.

Naturers is headquartered in Regent’s Park, London surrounded by a backdrop of vibrant natural spaces and wildlife. 

Join Naturers


The community wildlife garden near our Naturers hub in Regent’s Park.


Through our platform we aim to partner with positive impact projects, people and organisations worldwide that are close to our heart. Gemma is incredibly passionate about using the brand and our initiative to raise awareness, support and provide a voice for nature and storytellers to share their own wisdom and discoveries with the rest of the world. This is at the root of Gemma’s work. We believe in working together to create a more harmonious world.


Ecuador Amazon Rainforest

We work with local Indigenous communities, people and projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and beyond to help raise awareness of the threats to the people, the environment and endangered species - and create positive action to protect them. Ecuador is home to a one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world. With over 300 species of mammals, 800 species of fish, and 350 species of reptiles, almost 1,700 bird species, and 16,000 species of plants (25% of which are endemic).

We focus on supporting projects through conservation and storytelling that share the ancient indigenous wisdom of these magical forests through the Amazonian narrative with the rest of the world, who have been living in harmony with the natural world for millennia. Through action and storytelling, we can strengthen and protect indigenous territories with a purpose to connect, unite and create bonds worldwide, based on recognising the sacredness of all things, visible and invisible.

Gemma is creating a Naturers community of positive change in Ecuador and across the world to share ideas, inspiration, content, education, research, conservation, and beyond. Our impactful community-led conservation and storytelling initiative will protect endangered species, improve human well-being, restore and grow critical habitat, and empower the next generation of changemakers.


Your gift will help drive our impactful community-led conservation and storytelling work to protect endangered species, improve human well-being, restore and grow critical habitat, and empower the next generation of changemakers through Naturers. 



Gemma Roe, as a business and as an individual has strong value foundations at our core. We believe that responsible business practices need a base rooted in social and environmental consciousness, which are at the heart of our brand. The support from our wonderful community of partners, customers, friends and team allow us to create what we love - and give back through our initiative, while enabling inclusivity and representation in our industry and society as a whole. Our decision making and strategy has core values in Responsibility, driving improvement and innovation in all our processes. We are committed to reducing our resource consumption and impact by challenging the often throwaway nature of fast fashion and modern life.

We are an entirely female-owned and led business.  We are proud that our team members are paid at least the London Living Wage.




Gemma Roe talismans have been designed and made to be worn, loved, and treasured for a lifetime.  Each sculpted piece tells a story - from the ethereal butterflies flitting around Hampstead Heath of Gemma’s summer adventures to a bee wing, inspired by early memories of strawberry picking in the rural Warwickshire countryside.

Gemma takes an intuitive and personal approach to her creations and has an emotional connection with each piece. Our approach of following our intuition we hope inspires you to cherish your talismans for a lifetime and create your own personal stories that carry symbolism. We love hearing about which pieces you connect with the most. 

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