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I was given a silver charm bracelet as a christening gift from my grandparents when I was six months old, which I have treasured until this day. The charms were symbolic of entering this world and my new life. Each had it’s own character to empower me on the adventures that lie ahead for me. There was a butterfly, a hare, a Moses basket, a bear, a lion, a heart, a dove, a dog, a shoe, and a lucky clover leaf.  Symbolic of friendship, loyalty, trust, hope, adventure, transformation, creativity, freedom, courage, peace, family, love, and good luck. 

I believe my love of charms and the intrinsic symbolism they hold are linked to this memory and the talismans I first wore. Wearing treasures that carry metaphors and symbols remind me to stay present and to know that everything is interconnected like the intertwining branches of trees in the forest.

The Charms Collection is an homage to the peace and freedom I feel when in nature and the sense of creating a wild sanctuary in the forest when times can feel surreal.

The metamorphosis of transformation that a caterpillar enters when becoming a butterfly, represents the transcendence I have experienced in all stages of my life. Each charm carries a meaningful message for the wearer which comes alive through each of our stories - from the butterfly, the bee, the ladybird and the dragonfly. My dream is that these symbolic talismans bring you a sense of hope, peace and harmony on all of your adventures, and that they inspire you create your own meaningful stories.

Gemma Roe charms are handcrafted in Hatton Garden, London by Gemma from recycled 24 karat gold-plated bronze, solid gold and silver. The collection of statement charms are inspired by the natural world and designed to connect you to the resonances of the Earth and illuminate your path on all your adventures.



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Gemma Roe, a British designer of international renown, infuses her sculpted jewellery with a harmonious union of art and nature-inspired charm. Using recycled materials of 24kt gold plated bronze and sterling silver, alchemised from her wax sculptures using the 6000 year old technique of lost-wax casting. It is her distinct artistic storytelling and hand-sculpted texture that has become her signature.