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Wild Bumble Bees

I have a special connection to bees. They carry positive and sweet metaphors of strength, courage and wisdom. They hold an array of emotions for me - joy, romance, nostalgia, and awe. I love photographing them in nature - catching a shot of them in mid-flight or while dancing around flowers in search of sweet nectar. Bumblebees and honeybees and the life in a hive are powerful symbols of community, regeneration, and the connection to plants. Like a bee pollinating a flourishing flower in the forest, we can plant the seeds of hope, and transform to bloom in harmony with the world around us. As the creative source of honey, honeybees also represent sweetness, healing and magic. Solitary bees can be found in many locations, including marshes, sand dunes, soft cliffs, grasslands and heathlands. For this collection, I have sculpted a bumblebee mid-flight, illuminating their delicate, and intricate wings. Each bee sculpture can be worn on multiple parts of the body to connect, and feel at one with nature, and bring you a greater sense of presence, wisdom, courage and joy.

Symbolism: Strength, courage, wisdom, community, joy and nostalgia.

Fact: Bees are an endangered species, and almost 90% of wild plants and 75% of leading global crops depend on bees and other insect’s pollination. Through our Gemma Roe Foundation initiative, one of our core focuses is on conservation, and restoring forests so wildlife can thrive.



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Gemma Roe, a British designer of international renown, infuses her sculpted jewellery with a harmonious union of art and nature-inspired charm. Using recycled materials of 24kt gold plated bronze and sterling silver, alchemised from her wax sculptures using the 6000 year old technique of lost-wax casting. It is her distinct artistic storytelling and hand-sculpted texture that has become her signature.