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The Wildflowers Collection is inspired by our connection to the natural world. Each handsculpted flower is inspired by the nostalgia of Gemma’s childhood spent roaming the Warwickshire countryside - through ancient woodlands, rivers and meadows, finding all kinds of wild species and collecting plants - fallen leaves, bark, and wildflowers. Where she would craft interesting concoctions, imbuing them with symbolism. Just like nature, each piece is unique, wild, and tells a story. Our shared language of nature, brings people together by unearthing tales - symbolic flowers of courage, transformation, hope, love, peace, freedom and harmony. Embodying the hidden magic found in the depths of the earth. Every piece is rooted in our Mother Earth, fantasy and adventure. Wildflowers can teach us to stay wild in our nature and flourish wherever life takes us. Wearing them will bring you closer to your natural state of feeling rooted and earthed. The connection to Mother Earth that transcends everything. Through our Naturers initiative, one of our core focuses is on conservation, and restoring forests so wildlife, and plants can thrive.

Symbolism: The delicate and graceful orchid represents love, beauty and strength. The sunflower is symbolic of positivity, strength, longevity, admiration and loyalty.

Fact: Usually native to a certain areas, and under natural conditions, wildflowers will grow year after year without any help from people. Wildflowers usually bloom in the spring or summer in grasslands, woodlands, and mountains. They even grow in the cold Arctic regions on high mountains or in the tundra.




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Precious metals




Gemma Roe, a British designer of international renown, infuses her sculpted jewellery with a harmonious union of art and nature-inspired charm. Using recycled materials of 24kt gold plated bronze and sterling silver, alchemised from her wax sculptures using the 6000 year old technique of lost-wax casting. It is her distinct artistic storytelling and hand-sculpted texture that has become her signature.