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“The shared connection with nature inspired me to create my own universe to be shared.” - Gemma Roe

The Gemma Roe Foundation is a global community committed to illuminating and protecting the natural world through storytelling, creativity and conservation.

Our initiative is about making positive change happen – for our communities, for wildlife and for the planet. This is a platform shaped by an ever-growing network of engaged people branching out across the world, who share similar values, hopes and dreams about the natural world. We aim to give a voice to nature and those who protect it, with diverse perspectives through the platform. A collective of creatives, storytellers, filmmakers, photographers, designers, writers, naturalists and scientists, combining shared interests in nature, biodiversity and conservation, for the present and the future we wish to experience. We are an open, diverse, and dynamic, community-driven network cultivating a fun, optimistic and supportive atmosphere where people come together to share stories, adventures, insights, inspiration and ideas, implement collaborative projects and join in special events and global campaigns. Our community is interconnected by their stories, courage and dreams.

The Gemma Roe Foundation is headquartered in London surrounded by a backdrop of vibrant natural spaces and wildlife.


Through our platform we partner with positive impact projects, people and organisations worldwide that are close to our heart. Gemma is incredibly passionate about using the brand and our initiative to raise awareness, support and provide a voice for nature and storytellers to share their own wisdom and discoveries with the rest of the world. This is at the root of Gemma’s work. We believe in working together to create a more harmonious world.

Image courtesy of Mark Fox. @markfoxphoto Copyright. 2022


We work with local Indigenous communities, people and projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and beyond to help raise awareness of the threats to the people, the environment and endangered species - and create positive action to protect them. Ecuador is home to one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world. With over 300 species of mammals, 800 species of fish, and 350 species of reptiles, almost 1,700 bird species, and 16,000 species of plants (25% of which are endemic).



Through our community hub in London, we create an environment to gather, encourage, share discoveries and ideas, and empower members to lead local and international projects that help support people, wildlife and the planet. We are focussed on giving a voice to nature and each other to rewild the world and ourselves by engaging with the natural world. We encourage curiosity, exploration, discovery, research and adventure all the while protecting nature along the way.

Join us and become part of our movement. Discover the best stories anywhere. Unearth captivating stories, photography, videos and art and document your field notes, discoveries and journey as you go. This is a unique vibrant community space to gather, share, engage, collaborate, and connect with like-minded people that are passionate about the natural world and protecting it. Find inspiration, learn and educate wherever you are through immersive storytelling and browse our community feed on the go. Dig deeper into members stories whenever you wish and learn about each others homeland, environment, wildlife, and culture. Spark your curiosity, unlocking a world of fascinating original content. Explore topics including field notes, wildlife, biodiversity, plants, conservation, storytelling, journaling, and nature connection. Join groups with fellow creatives, photographers, conservationists, and scientists, and participate in and support projects, campaigns and events. Find new meaningful connections and communicate through sharing, group chat and private messages. 

Our big purpose is for the Gemma Roe Foundation GRF to be a space to create the world we wish to see. To collectively illuminate and collaborate on projects that protect our last wild spaces and help communities that protect them. Conservation needs truly dedicated people from all sectors of society and that includes integration with all members of society, from all walks of life. All of us have the power to make a contribution to conservation, by being a vocal, passionate advocates of nature. Each one of us is able to educate, inspire and encourage those around us to do their part.

Join us

Image courtesy of Mark Fox. @markfoxphoto Copyright. 2022


Our work to illuminate and protect the incredible biodiversity of the rainforests in Ecuador is vital to the health of the country and the world at large. Your support helps preserve this essential ecosystem, in addition to funding the critical work of all of our GRF members fighting to protect fragile habitats, save threatened species and understand and illuminate the world around us through research, science, conservation and storytelling. Engaging local communities as partners in conservation is crucial. Your contribution to GRF’s work is helping make a real difference in creating a more sustainable future for our planet.

When you purchase from Gemma Roe or donate to GRF - together we will change the world. 





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