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Our Woodland Collection explores our relationship and connection with nature and how we can all live in harmony with it. My inspiration began in the summer I spent dreaming and designing this collection while wandering and running through the ancient wild woodlands and meadows, in Hampstead Heath, in north west London. This is the park that inspired C.S. Lewis to write The Chronicles of Narnia. Much like the story, set in an enchanted wood, where metaphors of distortions of reality and fantasy, of time and consciousness and life as an ever-changing mystery, are ever present like the phases of the moon.

In surreal times I found myself yearning for a sanctuary and searching for symbolism, echoed in the story of each piece I imagined in untamed wild nature. Tales of courage, transformation, hope, love, peace and freedom. Through the Heath I travel to the backdrop of my childhood in rural Warwickshire. Nostalgic of the seasons spent wild berry picking, meandering through sunflower and strawberry fields, getting lost in the woods, and making grass angels in fields near horses at the back of my family home. The Woodland Collection invites you to create stories of your own connection with nature and to wear talismans as a reminder that we are one with the natural world. To find hidden gems in her depths, even in the midst of a wild, tangled wood.



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Precious metals




Gemma Roe, a British designer of international renown, infuses her sculpted jewellery with a harmonious union of art and nature-inspired charm. Using recycled materials of 24kt gold plated bronze and sterling silver, alchemised from her wax sculptures using the 6000 year old technique of lost-wax casting. It is her distinct artistic storytelling and hand-sculpted texture that has become her signature.