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Gemma Roe x Guayusa Runa

Introducing Gemma Roe x Guayusa Runa Collection

Our JUNGLE collection highlights endangered species from the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador onto handcrafted bracelets and necklaces.



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We work with local Indigenous communities, people and projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and beyond to help raise awareness of the threats to the people, the environment and endangered species - and create positive action to protect them. Ecuador is home to one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world. With over 300 species of mammals, 800 species of fish, and 350 species of reptiles, almost 1,700 bird species, and 16,000 species of plants (25% of which are endemic).

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Protecting a Jewel of the Earth

Guayusa Runa Community

The story of our Jungle collection begins with our founder, Gemma Roe and her connection with an indigenous community in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. A life long dream to visit to the Amazon and a calling to protect it’s endangered wildlife and biodiversity, led her to spend six weeks living with the Guayusa Runa family in 2023, a kichwa tribe based in the heart of the rainforest. This journey taught Gemma how to live in the jungle in harmony with nature and discover all the precious wildlife living within it that needs protecting. This collection is a collaboration of an ever-growing project to help restore, protect and support the rainforest, the wildlife, the planet, community, and craft. 

“ I grew up as an artist drawing and painting the natural world around me. It is my dream to create wearable art that has a positive impact on the world.”

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Ancestral Techniques

Amazonia Artisans

Our artisans in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador use their ancestral macrame rope tying techniques to delicately handcraft our limited edition woven bracelet. Each bracelet supports the Guayusa Runa indigenous community in Ecuador with protecting their culture, their community and the biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest.

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The Jungle collection brings awareness to the endangered species in the Amazon Rainforest and why it needs protecting. Through the Gemma Roe Foundation we are committed to supporting positive impact projects that make a difference to the lives of people, wildlife and the environment. Protecting a natural jewel of the Earth. For every Gemma Roe x Guayusa Runa product bought, we donate 10% of proceeds to support positive impact projects with the community to help advance conservation, food, and equipment for education.

Ancient Techniques

Sculpting Animals

The story of each piece begins with our founder, Gemma Roe, her imagination, research, photography, and wax. She illustrates, and hand carves each sculpture, using an ancient 6000 year old technique called lost wax carving - rooting them in history, art, and heart. 

This intricate wax sculpture, is alchemised from wax to bronze, 100% recycled 925 sterling silver and 100% recycled gold through the enchanting technique of lost-wax casting in Hatton Garden, in the UK’s historic jewellery district in London.

Every animal sculpture is the result of months of research, photography, illustration, hand-sculpting, casting in precious metals, and finishing.’
- Gemma

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‘This collection is the culmination of a live long dream of mine to create hand-sculpted endangered animals that are worn as a reminder of the importance to protect wildlife and our precious planet. Every piece directly supports the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.’ - Gemma


There are five endangered animals to collect and protect. A Jaguar, Capuchin Monkey, River Turtle, Hummingbird, and a Monarch Butterfly.

Gemma worked closely with the Guayusa Runa family to create a photographic story and film of the jewellery collaboration amongst a backdrop of the Amazon Rainforest where the family live.


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Jewel Of The Earth

We’re wearing our Gemma Roe Jungle endangered animals to show how precious all the life within the Amazon Rainforest is. Every jewel we wear shows our determination to protect these magnificent animals and those that protect them. Please join us, wear our jewellery, and share your actions with your friends, loved ones and followers saying: ‘Protect our Jewel of the Earth with #MyGemmaRoe. Wear to protect the Amazon Rainforest.’

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