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The Shoellery Collection is inspired by Gemma’s love of the natural world and her practice of outdoor activities of running, hiking, meditating and earthing in nature.


“I connect to our ancestral wisdom of Mother Earth through rooting myself with the ground by running, walking, meditating and earthing in nature. This keeps me present. The shared language of nature inspired me to create my own talismans for our feet as a way to connect to our Earth’s powerful source energy.”


Gold, silver and other precious metals are natural conductors of life force electrical energy from the Earth. Wearing these precious metals can help ground and connect us to the healing resonances and frequencies of Earth’s energetic system, which keeps us in sync and in harmony with all living things. Our bodies act as natural conductors and allow us to receive these beneficial ions. Walking barefoot grounds us and helps structure the water within our body which can lead to better health and wellbeing. Grounding energy keeps our aura connected to the present moment and our physical body. Meaning we are rooted in reality, and in contact with the core of the Earth. Wearing all our sculptured jewellery, and especially our anklets and talismans can enhance the earthing experience.


Gemma Roe shoellery are handcrafted in Hatton Garden, London by Gemma from recycled 24 karat gold-plated bronze, solid gold and silver. The collection is inspired by the natural world and designed to connect you to the resonances of the Earth and illuminate your path on all your adventures.


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