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“The shared connection with nature inspired me to create my own universe to be shared.” - Gemma Roe

Gemma Roe founded her brand to embrace her connection to the natural world. Each sculpture is inspired by nature, stories and the nostalgia of a childhood spent roaming the Warwickshire countryside - through ancient woodlands.

Just like nature, each piece is unique, wild, and tells a story.

Ethereal Process

Sculpting Tales

The story of each piece begins with our founder, Gemma Roe, her imagination, drawing in nature, and wax. She illustrates, and hand carves each sculpture, using an ancient 6000 year old technique called lost wax carving - rooting them in history, ethereal dreams, and heart. 

This intricate wax sculpture, is alchemised from wax to bronze, 100% recycled 925 sterling silver and 100% recycled gold through the enchanting technique of lost-wax casting in Hatton Garden, in the UK’s historic jewellery district in London.

“ I grew up as an artist drawing and painting the natural world around me. It has been my dream to create wearable art that symbolises our connection as one with nature.”

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Gemma is inspired by storytelling through the shared connection with nature, bringing people together by unearthing tales - symbolic of courage, transformation, hope, love, peace, freedom and harmony. Embodying the hidden magic found in the depths of an untamed, tangled wood. Every piece is rooted in fantasy, and adventure. 

Nature Connection

Nature Photography

“Nature photography is a passion of mine. I love discovering different species of wildlife, or catching a mesmerising landscape. It keeps me present. It was important for me to photograph each piece of my collection, creating a connection between the piece, the natural world that inspires me, and friends wearing my pieces within my favourite woodland, for them to experience how magical this place is.” - Gemma Roe

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Growing up in the English countryside, she spent her childhood with an abundance of freedom and imagination. Everyday was a new adventure - roaming and running through woods, rivers and meadows, finding all kinds of wild species and collecting plants - fallen leaves, bark, and wild flowers, crafting interesting illustrations, designs and concoctions, imbuing them with symbolism.


“The shared connection with nature inspired me to create my own universe to be shared.” - Gemma Roe

Training in footwear and accessories at Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design, London College of Fashion, and with a bespoke shoemaker, Gemma moved to Italy to create her shoes. She showed her collections at London Fashion Week, where she was featured in many fashion publications including Vogue, and Elle Italia, and highlighted by top influencers and fashion press. She was selected for many awards for ‘Designer of the Year’, including the Footwear Industry Awards, Footwear Friends and with the British Fashion Council.

Internationally, Gemma made strides in the fashion world working with many jewellery designers and some of the most celebrated brands in the world including Alexander McQueen, and Balmain.

In 2020 she turned her hand to the craft of Jewellery - immersing herself in the famous jewellery district, Hatton Garden in London and began to learn the 6000 year old ancient craft of lost wax carving at The London Jewellery School. 


“I wanted to be a voice for the natural world, and to share all the wonders, magic and joy it has given me throughout my life and how we need to protect it.“ - Gemma Roe


A demi-fine jewellery and accessories brand rooted in tales, nature and positive impact. Gemma intricately sculpts each piece in wax by hand, an ethereal process engraved with history, to tell the tales she has locked in her imagination. 

Each intricate wax sculpture is then carefully carried to our caster in Hatton Garden, before being alchemised in recycled metals of bronze, silver or gold. The sculpted tales are designed to bring you closer to nature and to create adventurous stories of your own, bringing you hope, peace and courage as they did for Gemma.

Gemma is focussed on protecting and conserving threatened and endangered species, restoring key biodiverse habitat, and supporting the local indigenous communities that protect the jungle in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. 10% of all proceeds from the sales of jewellery and 100% of donations support our Gemma Roe Foundation Wilderness Project. Read more here

Gemma Roe will grow to be worn and loved by nature lovers and creative storytellers for its character, unique intricacy, and craftsmanship, all sharing their own tales through our expression.




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